The benefits of outsourcing your company’s blog

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The benefits of outsourcing your company’s blog

A frequently updated blog that produces high quality original content is a very powerful marketing tool. Blogging is a great way to strengthen relationships with your existing customers as well as bring new customers to your business.

Search engines love new content; blogging regularly is a great way to improve your site’s rankings. In addition to this, a good blog can position you as a source of value for your industry, raising your brand’s credibility.

According to Hubspot, companies that blog have far better marketing results than companies that don’t. Hubspot analysed data from 1,531 companies (795 with blogs, 736 without) and discovered that the average company with a blog has 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages.

Writing for your blogHowever, committing your time, energy and business resources to running a blog can be difficult at best, particularly when outsourcing your content writing to a third party agency is a viable option. For this reason, we are seeing an upwards trend in the amount of companies choosing to outsource their blog.

Cost, efficiency and resource management

If you think the turnaround time for researching, writing, editing, referencing and optimising a content rich blog post is negligible, think again! If your marketing department is already working to capacity, the additional working hours required for generating at least one new blog post every week are likely to cause problems in other areas. Hiring a third party content writer ensures that your blog is updated in a timely manner while you are free to focus on more important projects.

Employing a contractor or part time employee is an alternative solution to outsourcing your blog. However, this is often expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of employee benefits for the new employee and the training time to get them up to scratch.

Third party expertise

It doesn’t make sense to burden your marketing assistant with a blog post deadline if their core skills are in other areas and they are already working flat out. Generally speaking, professional copywriters love to write and are pros at generating content ideas – for them, writing is their speciality!
Generating content

There is a common fallacy that anyone can write effective content, but this is far from the truth. A good copywriter will possess a distinctive turn of phrase, research skills and the ability to pull key points from large sources of information and rewrite them into excellently structured, flowing prose. Not to mention, a good copywriter knows the dos and don’ts of search engine optimisation – this will ensure the ranking of your website increases and that your posts get the maximum views that they deserve.

In terms of expertise, the downside to hiring a third party writer is that not everyone is as talented as they profess. When choosing a writing agency or copywriter, ensure that you see multiple examples of their work to make an assessment of their abilities. The more prestigious the company they’ve produced copy for the better. Plus it goes without saying, poor grammar and spelling mistakes during email correspondence should be a red flag for hiring any potential writer!

Increased awareness of your business

Having a content rich blog will naturally expand your online presence as you share posts on social media and more people come to see your company as a source of valuable information. However, by working with a third party writer, you also gain exposure to their professional network. If they’ve produced a good piece of work, writers are usually proud to add their new blog post to their portfolio and share it on their own social media accounts. Anyone looking at the writer’s portfolio (such as companies looking for freelance work) will become aware of your business from viewing the work that the writer did for you.

Making the most from outsourcing your content writing

Remember, content writers aren’t mind readers. When working in a specific industry, it can be easy to forget that an outsider doesn’t have the same reference points or depth of knowledge that you take for granted. Always be crystal clear with your expectations and provide your writer with as much information as possible so they can get up to speed quickly and produce the kind of high quality content you really desire.

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