Search Engine Optimisation

Search is the best source of high quality traffic for almost any organisation’s web site. Search engine optimisation is about getting as much of the pie as you reasonably can. The benefits of a good quality search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign are simple:

  • A sustainable source of traffic that grows over time
  • Traffic that is highly targeted to what you are selling
  • Measurable results over the long term
  • Exposure for your brand

Why SEO?

“But why do I even need SEO? Doesn’t Google just put the best sites at the top?”

In theory, yes, and even, to a certain extent, in practice. A large part of what we do is making a site the best it can be – from Google’s point of view. That means lots of good quality, relevant content, frequent updates and lots of good quality incoming links. The technical aspects of SEO are greatly overrated.

A word of caution

It would not be wise to write about the benefits of SEO without also sounding a note of caution. Whilst SEO does have a very high chance of delivering a good return on investment for almost any organisation, it is not without risks. There are no guarantees that a campaign will work or work within a certain period of time. It’s a fuzzy process, and ultimately what we do is influence Google, not dictate to it.

SEO is also a very long term process. It is not a one-off marketing stunt. You need to stick with it if you are to reap the rewards. How long it will take depends on your site and niche, but it is normal for an SEO campaign to take six months to start to show results.

SEO Campaigns

We provide an SEO service specifically designed for small to medium sized business and non-profit organisations. Having worked with them for over 10 years, we understand the needs of small organisations, sole traders and especially local businesses (people like us, in other words).

Each site and campaign is unique, and our service is designed to be completely flexible in that respect. There are some basic strategies that will almost always be of use, but we will also work closely with you to make sure we deliver what your site needs.

The service begins with four “one-off” processes; however, we also review these aspects regularly (usually every six months):

  • Technical audit and recommendations, including Google Analytics set-up
  • Content audit
  • Google My Business set-up
  • Keyword research

Ongoing work includes:

  • Data-driven work on the site’s on-page ranking factors, such as meta titles and descriptions
  • Data-driven work on the site’s internal linking structure, aimed at improving overall search traffic
  • Everything in our blogging package (no need to buy this separately!)
  • Basic social media posting
  • Monthly reporting
  • Plus we’re always just a phone call or email away – we provide a personal service and are always available for our clients


  • £370 plus VAT per calendar month
  • Or please ask for details for one-off services

SEO Consultancy

If you feel that you can deliver the hands-on work of an SEO campaign using your existing resources and just want regular advice, we have the service for you. We can provide the help and support you need, allowing you to focus your internal resources for best results. This service includes:

  • A monthly phone call with an SEO expert, to discuss strategy, recommendations results, usually up to 30 mins long
  • Email support
  • Monthly reporting

Smaller, one-off pieces of work, such as more in depth analyses of traffic data can also be included in the cost from time to time, depending on budgets, and our team is always available for larger one-off pieces of work at additional cost.

  • £115 plus VAT per calendar month
  • Or please ask for details for one-off services

Call us on 0800 644 0196 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help you.