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Pay per click (PPC) is one of the best marketing platforms ever invented. It levels the playing field between small and large businesses like nothing else. But it’s also a minefield! Diving in without really knowing what you are doing can waste a lot of money.

Why is PPC so effective?

It’s effective because, as with SEO, it puts your message in front of prospective customers while they are actively thinking about and searching for the products that you sell. Compare that with a billboard or TV advert, where it’s the advertiser’s vain hope that a prospective customer might see the message, let alone remember it and then act on it.

PPC, again unlike traditional advertising, is also extremely measurable, and changes have an instant effect. With Google Analytics installed on your web site, enquiries or sales can be tracked down to the individual keyword and advert. If you have an e-commerce site, you can even measure revenue gained from each keyword.

Where can PPC be used?

The dominant platform which uses PPC in the UK is Google Ads, which displays adverts on Google’s main search results. Microsoft also have AdCenter, which works with their Bing search engine, plus Facebook and LinkedIn both have PPC driven advertising platforms (although these latter two, not being associated with search, really start to look more like traditional advertising).

Why use an agency to manage your PPC campaign?

Simply put, although PPC is a great platform, getting great results from it is hard! In the case of Google Ads, for example, Google make it incredibly easy to set up an account and start spending money. However, almost every default setting is wrong; it’s designed to maximise Google’s revenue, not yours. Almost everyone who tries Google Ads for themselves stops before long, frustrated by the poor performance.

When we take over an existing campaign being run by a client (or even another agency), we expect to double the return on investment (ROI) immediately. This continues to improve over time, of course, and our results can be 10 to 20 times better than what people can achieve by themselves. We do this through almost 10 years of experience, custom written tools and daily work on all our clients’ accounts.

This covers the set up and ongoing maintenance and optimisation of a campaign on Google’s Ads platform. We can work with click budgets of any level, but usually recommend starting with a budget of at least £200 per calendar month.


  • £140 plus VAT per calendar month
  • Extra languages can be targeted (at extra cost)
  • More geographic regions can be targeted
  • Recommended duration: ongoing
  • Notice period: 30 days

Enhanced PPC Packages are available, bespoke to your needs. We also have a special service for exporters, providing translated ads in international locations around the world. We can provide a completely bespoke PPC campaign for you based on your exact needs.

If you are new to Google Ads we can also provide a £75 voucher towards your click spend, get in touch with us for more details.

Call us on 0800 644 0196 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help create a Google Ads campaign for your business now. We can start driving traffic to your site in just 2-3 days.