We’re building a list of all the questions we are frequently asked about SEO, PPC and web marketing in general. Watch this space for more questions and answers over time, or just get in touch if you’d like to ask us something.


Should I use Google Ads or SEO?
Should I use Facebook advertising?
What is a Google Account?


Do e-commerce sites need Google Ads?
When managing an SEO campaign, can you guarantee my site will be number one on Google?
How much should SEO cost?
Are breadcrumbs important for SEO?

Are PDFs effective for SEO?
Do I need the canonical tag even if I have no duplicate content?
Does traffic affect my ranking?
Do I have to think about other engines than Google?
Should I buy multiple domains and redirect them to my site?
What does (not provided) mean in Google Analytics?
What should I put in the meta keywords tag?
Can I have a good SEO without having to write a blog?


Can a competitor use up my budget by clicking my adverts all the time?
Do I need to spend a lot on clicks?
Does anyone actually click the adverts?
Will I spend more than I intend to on clicks?
Why can’t I see my adverts?


Do I need to stick to a regular posting schedule?

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