Cambridge Web Marketing - Content Creation

Our content creation package is designed to generate high quality content for your site on a regular basis, be it for blog posts, articles, product descriptions or any other site content. We have years of experience writing great content for our clients across many different industry sectors and subjects. High quality, well written and unique content is proven to be at the very core of any digital marketing strategy.

We provide the following content creation services:

  • Blog posts: writing and publishing your blog posts. We can help identify topics and help you optimise your blog. We can also advise on the optimal content structure with categories and tags.
  • Articles: we can write and publish articles for you. Articles are a great way to establish authority in your area of expertise.
  • Content idea generation: we can help brainstorm topics and content ideas based around your business and your clients.

We recommend adding new content to your site at least once per week. The content we create can be based on notes that you provide, or can be written from scratch (although at least working together on content ideas always helps).

Our editing and proofing process

We always edit and proofread any content we create, plus finding suitable media, such as images and links, to include. We can publish content supplied by you or other parties (such as guest writers), or those written by ourselves. We also handle all technical aspects of the publication (making sure it fits your site’s format, etc.)

If we update your content on a weekly basis, we will still only charge for four weeks in months that have five weeks, so your monthly invoice always remains the same. This effectively gives you four free articles per year.

If you do not have a blog on your site, our advice would be to install and use one as your main content publishing platform. A blog serves as a very easy, convenient way of adding new content in a structured way.


  • £285 plus VAT per calendar month, based on supplying one piece per week
  • Custom prices are also available

Call us on 0800 644 0196 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help you.