Rob Chant - Cambridge Web Marketing CoRob Chant

Rob graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in Physics with Computing in 2000, and went straight into self-employment doing web development and graphic design. He moved the business to Cambridge in 2002 and started working with Google AdWords in 2003, which marked the very beginning of the shift into running a digital marketing agency. In 2008 the switch was completed, and the Cambridge Web Marketing Co., as it came to be known, stopped offering web design and development services, concentrating entirely on search and digital marketing.

In addition to running the company, Rob speaks on SEO and related topics regularly and is a regular attendee at a range of local networking groups. In his spare time, he keeps his hand in on web technologies on personal projects, writes games and goes to the cinema quite a bit.

Indre Moon Cambridge Web Marketing CoIndre Moon

Indre has a Bachelor and Master Degrees in social work from the Vilnius University, Lithuania. She is fluent in four langauges.

Indre is our commissioning editor and she makes sure that our article creation and publishing system runs smoothly. Indre manages our team of writers, editors and publishers.

Adrian Greetham - Cambridge Web Marketing CoAdrian Greetham

Adrian completed a degree in Computer Science at Loughborough University in 2001 and has been working with Rob since 2005. Over the last 10 years Adrian has worked on a variety of projects including website building and administration, Google AdWords campaign creation and management and various SEO related tasks such as link building, on page optimisation and blog management. Adrian is a key member of our team, making sure the cogs turn for all of us.

Outside of work Adrian enjoys walking on a weekly basis and he is a keen follower of Nottingham Forest Football Club.

Ben Mirza - Cambridge web Marketing CoBen Mirza

Ben studied for a B.A. Hons Degree in English Literature at the University of Sussex, he later gained a Diploma in Photography. With a passion for the written word, since 2011 Ben has been a freelance blogger and editor, focusing on culture and men’s lifestyle, published in a variety of digital and print magazines in the UK and abroad, he has also written press releases, copy and edited content for numerous brands and individuals alike.

In 2015, he realised his dream of working as a professional photographer, focussing on portrait and editorial photography. When he’s not writing or taking pictures, Ben enjoys bushcraft, reading old books, travel and MMA.

Jack Knopfler Cambridge Web Marketing CoJack Knopfler

Jack is a professional copywriter and online editor with 7 years of experience under his belt. Specialising in blog writing, Jack is also well versed at creating content in the form of: white papers, press releases, website copy and email collateral. As the Lead Content Editor at Mammoth Infographics, Jack is also adept at researching and generating original content that works within a visual context. Outside of work, he enjoys live music, lifting heavy weights in the gym and watching sport, particularly the UFC.

Bernard Wood – Writer and social media manager
Brittany Thorley – Writer
Kirsten Lamb – Writer and social media manager
Lauren Yaxley – Writer
Robert Rae – Technical
Sam Wood – Writer
Samuel Hopkinson – Writer
Sarah Poppy – Writer
Steven J. Matos – Writer