Why you should be using copywriting services to promote your business

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Why you should be using copywriting services to promote your business

If your business is searching for a cost-effective, organic way to expand its online presence and client base then a copywriting service might be able the answer.

If you’re unsure as to what a copywriting service offers specifically, the clue is in the title. Flexible and persuasive copywriters will supply you with original, informative and relevant high-quality content that could be absolutely essential to the productivity and success of your business. This copy can take on numerous forms, but the best copy will share the same literate and engaging foundations.

Below, we’ll be examining the different services offered by a typical freelance copywriter or copywriting agency, which will employ its own team of writers.

Press Releases

A professional press release presents you with an opportunity to spread the word about anything that you might deem newsworthy. This might include a new product, a seasonal promotion or a change in management.

Press releases are remarkably straightforward and honest as far as copywriting services go. The sales jargon and hyperbole often found elsewhere is generally abandoned in favour of legitimate, informative content.

Web Content

As the term implies, “written web content” can refer to any written, web-based content. Your web site or social media profile is going to be the first point of contact for potential clients, so it’s vital that you make a stellar first impression.

Even if what you’re offering is beyond compare in terms of price and quality, if your web site is worded badly then it generally won’t get a second glance. Worse still, it might come across as unprofessional and uninspired.

Hiring a professional copywriting service will allow you to focus on your business, without worrying about how you’re coming across in print. Typical web content copywriting services will also include SEO integration, which could seriously improve your site’s search engine presence.


BloggingEven the most tech-phobic amongst us can surely appreciate that blogging is big business. It’s a medium that allows copywriters to adopt a more personal approach and acts as an alternative to the often corporate vibe of site copy.

The informal style of a blog is an incredibly powerful tool. A well-written blog will speak directly to a community of writers and readers in a relatable and authentic way. Blogs also allow for feedback, leading to an increased public interest that feels more organic and less calculated.

This is a service that should really appeal to smaller, credible start-up businesses who are trying to gain a foothold in a market without coming across as too corporate.

Guest Blogging

Perhaps the most immediately effective method for increasing traffic to your business web site, guest blogging uses SEO (search engine optimisation) and genuinely readable content to boost your search engine rankings and overall traffic flow.

Content will be 100% unique and submitted to legitimate domains that receive a large amount of daily traffic. Typically, copywriters will have built up a professional and personal relationship with the domain’s owner to ensure a continuous and reliable service.

In the realm of copywriting services, guest blogging is perhaps the most widely used and yet the most misunderstood. All you really need to know is that it is far more effective and efficient than posting your own blog and could be integral to the success of your web site.

Article Writing

Falling loosely under the ‘everything else’ banner, article writing refers to an online article written with the sole purpose of advertising a product or service.

Articles can be incredibly time-consuming as they require extensive amounts of research and a personal and professional touch that only an experienced copywriter can bring to the table.

Clear Clean Copy

If this article has piqued your interest (itself a fine example of the service offered by expert copywriters), there are all manner of freelancers and companies ready to offer their own expert copywriting services. Good luck!