4 useful ideas for repurposing content

Dec 22, 2017 by
4 useful ideas for repurposing content

One of the toughest parts of creating new content is undertaking the research. You can spend hours trawling the net for statistics, facts and references for your new blog post. However, sometimes your content underperforms – not because the actual substance is weak, but because it was conveyed using the wrong medium.

For example, statistics don’t have much of an impact when they’re conveyed as a sea of data, but they can work really well as a creative data visualisation. By repurposing old content, you can keep publishing fresh content while spending less time on the research phase.

Ben Sailer writes:

By creating said content with repurposing in mind from the beginning, you can reuse pieces of it elsewhere without your audience feeling like you’re cutting corners. That frees you up to focus on doing one thing really well, while still getting tons more work done with way less effort.

Here are some ideas for getting started with repurposing.

Powerpoint presentation to YouTube video

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you’re not using YouTube as part of your marketing strategy then you might want to consider it. Fortunately, turning an old Powerpoint presentation from one of your tradeshows into a YouTube video is easier than it sounds.

YoutubeWith some screen capture software, you can record your screen as you flip through the presentation. You may want to purchase a good podcasting microphone to record the narration, but be aware that there is a significant learning curve when it comes to performing voiceovers.

As a good alternative, you can hire someone from Fiverr to do the narration for you using professional recording equipment. Upload your video to YouTube so that you can get you brand in front of people who prefer video content to blog posts. Uploading to YouTube regularly is the key, and this is also a relatively easy way to keep that content coming.

Post collections into free guides

Do you have any old posts which follow a common theme and will still provide value to people? Consider amalgamating them into an ebook or guide. You could use this as a lead magnet to acquire email addresses on your site, or you could feature your guides somewhere prominently as a source of value for your readers. Hire a freelancer to do the design work for your guides so that they look professional. Neil Patel’s guides on Quicksprout are a great example.

Customer survey data into infographics

Have you learned some interesting insights from your customers that could be repurposed for content marketing? Customer survey data isn’t always exciting to read as text, but a good infographic designer can certainly make it engaging. Take the most important statistics and comments from your customer, weave them into a narrative and hire a designer to convey your story visually. Interestingly, infographics are shared three times as often on social media than other any other content type.

Webinars to tutorials

If you’ve conducted a one-time webinar, don’t let your footage go to waste. Record the webinar and repurpose it as a video on your brand’s YouTube channel. This way, it’s not just the webinar attendees who benefit from your information, but anyone who comes across your channel. Uploaded in permanent form, your webinar can continue to drive traffic to your site for years to come.


The types of people who enjoy blog posts are not always the kinds of people who enjoy podcasts or videos. The more diversity you have with you content formats, the broader an audience you can reach. When venturing into new formats, repurposing old content is the fastest way to get started.