December – SEO and marketing news

Jan 5, 2018 by
December – SEO and marketing news

What’s new in the world of SEO and marketing this December? We share the latest news from Facebook and notable tech startups across the globe.

Pixoneye is creating a new app, with the help of AI, to reinvent marketing through the pictures on your phone

The London and Israel based start-up Pixoneye have developed a new SDK (software development kit) which, by running in the background of a brand’s app, will collect information about the user (gender, location, travel frequency, interests, children) from the pictures on their phone.

“One thing we all have in common is that the smartphone is a portal to our lives and photos have become a social currency,” says Pixoneye’s chief commercial officer Richard Jones.

Facebook lets employers target job ads by age — and some experts think it’s aiding discrimination

In the US, Facebook is under scrutiny for aged based discrimination within their ad service. Companies such as Verizon, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and Facebook itself have used advertising targeting specific age groups (25-36) for employment advertising which, experts say, clashes with the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 that forbids bias against hiring anyone over 40.

This has garnered Facebook a class action lawsuit against their support of this practice, of which Facebook has defended by stating that if used responsibly it can help everyone find employment. The US Congress is considering limiting tech companies freedom when using third-party content.

Facebook makes German marketing push as hate speech law bites

German flagSpeaking of Facebook, the company is currently trying to push marketing in Germany, which has been met with difficulty as the cultural norms look down on social media – seeing it as a possible breach in personal privacy.

With new tough anti-hate speech laws being passed due to an increase of anti-immigrant posts on social media, Facebook is also trying to implement a new reporting form to combat illegal material.

WeWork is using Alexa for Business in new ways

Popular with startups, the co-working space provider WeWork is one of a few customers using Amazon’s Alexa for a business product at launch. This enterprise version of the popular voice assistant program can be used for setting meetings, check if a room is free, or read out analytics.

Unlike other voice assistants, Amazon has put the work in to create one for business. WeWork reports that the system is easy to use and developer friendly.