This is a really common question! There are a few reasons why this might be happening:

  • You have run out of budget for the day: this is common if you are using a low budget in a competitive niche. Your daily spend can run out in hours or less. We use an “always-on” method for managing the budget, however, so this isn’t a problem with our campaigns.
  • Google doesn’t show every advert all the time: even if you’re not running out of budget during the day, it’s impossible to guarantee that every advert is shown for every query all the time. Things are constantly shifting. We aim to keep your adverts live as much as possible though.
  • Google knows who you are: if they have worked out that you own the site in question (which they almost certainly will have done if you’re signed into your Google Account), they probably won’t show you your own adverts.

However, whatever may or may not be happening, and whether you can see your own adverts or not, the best place to see how things are performing is within the Google Ads system itself. The stats available there don’t lie!