Or: how long is a piece of string?

SEO is one of those industries where pricing varies dramatically, even for comparable services, and within certain limits, pricing isn’t a reliable indicator of quality. Big agency rates for SEO can run into thousands or tens of thousands of pounds per month.

Unlike many agencies, we publish our own package prices, as we believe in being completely transparent about what we charge. We don’t charge one client one rate and another client something else for the same service. We also offer a range of prices to suit different sizes of business, including affordable prices for new and micro-businesses. We can deliver at these prices as we’ve worked for many years to make our processes as efficient as possible, so the time we spend on your campaign has the maximum impact – but please note, there’s no automation involved!

In general, the vital thing when considering about any investment for your business, whether it’s SEO or something, is to think about the return it will give you – and that’s a question only you (and your accountant!) can answer. There is a lower limit on what a service such as SEO can cost per month and it is a long term investment, so it’s important to make sure that you are able to stay the course before you begin: stopping an SEO campaign early is worse than not starting it at all.