The short answer is “no”. This will not help you, and could even lead to a penalty in extreme cases. A few years ago, this may have worked, but Google has long been wise to it.

The background to this question is that Google loves an exact match domain, so, the theory goes, why not buy lots of exact match domains for your different high value keywords, and just redirect them to your own site? Surely Google will rank all of those, and you’ll get the traffic?

The problem is that this kind of tactic is incredibly easy for Google to detect and it really offers no value to their users – so it’s out. If you bought dozens and dozens of these domains and redirected them to your site it could even be seen as spammy behaviour and get you a penalty. You don’t want that!

The only case for buying multiple similar domains is for your own brand terms, to stop other people from poaching them. In that case, you may as well redirect them to your own site, but it won’t get you any extra traffic.