Link building tips for e-commerce businesses

Jul 6, 2018 by
Link building tips for e-commerce businesses

As you’re probably aware, link building is a significant part of SEO and it should be an important consideration for any type of business. If you’re running an e-commerce store, the link building tactics you employ will need to be slightly different to a B2B service business. Here are some of the best e-commerce link building tips.

Create actionable content

People link to things that they value and that they know will provide value to other people. In the context of e-commerce, try to consider the ‘pain’ points of your customers and then create content which offers solutions. Naturally, your products should offer a solution to these pain points too, but the more you can do to help, the better!

As Julie Joyce states:

Ecommerce links can be tough to get so we always advise clients to create linkable resources where the focus is not on simply selling a product. For example, if you’re selling chain link fencing, put up a video tutorial on how to install it or showcase a customer’s garden.

Provide products for review

With any luck you’re in a niche where there are plenty of bloggers. If so, make a list of the most influential bloggers and offer them a free product in exchange for a review. If your product has a high market value, they’ll be likely to accept.

If your product is more generic, you may wish to offer them some compensation in exchange for the review (do not imply that you expect a positive review as this is frowned upon). This is not only a great way to create new links from contextually relevant sites, you’ll also potentially get a number of new sales from people who’re interested in your niche.

Conduct interviews

interviewThis tactic is effective for one simple reason: influencers love publicity! You don’t have to agonise over whether the influencer will be a perfect fit for your niche, you just need to ensure that your audience will find the interview interesting – whether it’s a blog post, podcast or video.

You probably already know the core influencers in your niche, but if not, social media can be a great place to find them. With tools such as FollowerWonk, you’ll be able to identify influencers more easily. If the influencer has a media page on their site, there’s a great chance they will want to link to the interview.


Although infographics have been grossly misused in the past in order to solicit links while offering nothing of value, you can still achieve great results using high quality pieces. Consider a pertinent issue in your niche and then seek to explain it using data and colourful imagery.

As long as it’s interesting to your niche enthusiasts and potential customers, they will want to repost it. As a word of warning, however, never produce overtly self-promotional infographics, as these never do well. Try to include the HTML code for the infographic beneath it so that people can easily repost it and link to you at the same time.

Niche directories

This tactic is incredibly simple. Enter the keyword for your niche along with the term “directories” in Google. You’re likely to find a number of directories containing businesses such as yours. Send them a polite message and request to be included.


Make no mistake: accumulating links for an e-commerce shop is an arduous process. However, this is one of the reasons why most stores are not profitable! As long as you make outreach a part of your daily schedule and you’re producing valuable content, you’re sure to generate high quality links over time that will skyrocket your brand’s visibility.