How to write the perfect social media post

Sep 16, 2022 by
How to write the perfect social media post

The title of this article could be accused of being rather misleading as there really is no definitive perfect social media post. That’s because there are so many factors to consider; from the platform and your brand to its audience and what you’re hoping to achieve with your marketing.

For many, social media posts are little more than flippant blogs, selfies and disposable entertainment but it’s come a very long way in the 15 years since Facebook first gained mainstream acceptance. For one thing, more than half of the world’s population is now on social media, with Facebook still dominating the overall space and Instagram and TikTok pulling in the younger crowds.

With this massive audience and the low cost of social media advertising compared to traditional P2C, it’s little wonder the space has seen such an increase in popularity in recent years. But how can small businesses hope to compete with the big boys and create content that converts to clicks?

Get platform-specific

A Facebook post is always going to play differently than a TikTok post. The latter requires video content and a more anarchic slant, whereas the former is a little more traditional. The same is true for Instagram, where image is king, and YouTube, where long-form video content is what creates conversions. Consider who you are trying to target and then choose your social media platforms accordingly, but don’t think you can just copy and paste posts from one platform to the next.

Consider your audience

Your audience is not only going to dictate which platform you should invest your resources in but the kind of content you should be creating for that platform. If you’re posting to Facebook, for example, your post should be around 80 characters long as short posts generally perform better on the platform. They should also end with a question as this will act as a call to action. On Instagram, meanwhile, focus more on graphics. You might not even need to add any words at all aside from a few good hashtags.

Don’t forget Twitter

It can be easy to neglect Twitter these days but it’s still an incredibly powerful platform when it comes to networking. If you do decide to start Tweeting, try to limit yourself to a few hashtags per post and keep it to under 240 characters. Twitter is also where people go to digest and respond to breaking news so try to keep all of your posts relevant. Don’t be afraid to use quotes, jokes and even memes.

Treat LinkedIn like a different beast

By its very nature, LinkedIn is a more professional beast than Facebook and you want your content to follow suit. Long-form content that has more to say and is less emotional (more driven by stats and research) will always play well, as will content that can be seen as offering legitimate value to the audience.

Be authentic

Regardless of the platforms that you’re using, the sector you represent and what you hope to achieve with your social media marketing campaign, remember that social media is a very transparent place. Businesses that are inauthentic will be singled out and ostracised. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment with your posts and have fun with them. Above all else, don’t give up!