The 3 new social media platforms that should be on your radar

Sep 30, 2022 by
The 3 new social media platforms that should be on your radar

Social media is always evolving. Indeed, a few years ago nobody had really heard of TikTok and today it’s arguably the app that is defining a generation (for better or worse). However, it’s easy for marketers to get comfortable using tried and tested platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn because they know how they work, and they know what to expect from them.

But if those same marketers were to keep their ears to the ground and perhaps focus on more up-and-coming social media platforms, they might not only get more bang for their buck but could also be seen as trailblazers. With that in mind, we’ve compiled what we think are the most potentially exciting and lucrative new (or at least newish) social media platforms.


Founded in 2016 and launched officially in 2018, Caffeine is a social media platform built by a group of former Apple designers. So, it’s the closest thing you’re going to get to an Apple social media platform. This is a platform that’s all about live broadcasts and allows users to set up and watch them immediately, responding with reactions and comments.

While it might seem a little too much like Twitch for comfort, the platform operates on a monetization program rather than a subscription program, which means broadcasters are rewarded based on their content rather than their fanbase. For marketers, the potential to broadcast everything from product demonstrations to influencer partnerships is obvious here. A definite must-watch.


Only launched in 2020, Clubhouse relies on audio-only connectivity between the audience and speakers. While you might assume this is something akin to a podcast platform, it’s really more of a way to share audio information in real-time. Topics of discussion range from business tips and health and wellness advice to comedy routines and even celebrity Q&A sessions.

The real talking point of the platform, however, is that it’s currently invite-only. That means you have to be invited by an existing member. The developers have said this is so they can get the platform “just right” before opening it up to the public but it’s already got about 10 million active users. As for how it can be used by marketers, that remains to be seen but there are already dozens of people experimenting.


Our final social media platform to keep on your radar was also launched in 2020 by a duo of French developers that wanted a way to simplify the image-sharing concept popularised by Instagram. The tagline is “Every day at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a photo in 2 minutes” and that’s basically it!

It’s a platform that encourages spontaneity and creativity and that means brands and marketers might find it difficult to find ways to exploit it. But, if anything, we feel it opens up the possibilities for them to be more creative with their marketing ideas. Indeed, many brands are getting creative with BeReal already and we’ve only just scratched the surface as far as its potential is concerned.