If YouTube’s search box was considered to be a search engine in it’s own right, it would be the second biggest in the world – after Google. Consider also that Google owns YouTube and that there is therefore a tight integration between YouTube and Google’s main search results, and you can see that YouTube offers a massive opportunity for search marketing.

Unlike other social media channels, content for YouTube can take a lot of time and effort to produce: even a simple video is orders of magnitude more work than than the most carefully crafted tweet! However, in common with other platforms, YouTube works best when you can add content to your channel regularly and frequently.

Whilst we are not a video production company, we can advise you on your overall YouTube strategy, especially around how you can keep producing video sustainably. There are lots of way you can do this, from running a regular video blog to doing product screencasts. The thing that really does not work for YouTube is the classic 10 minute corporate video! Quick, simple and regular is how it should work.

In addition to the production of the videos themselves, the social aspect of YouTube must not be neglected. As with any other platform, you need to be a part of the community, following other people’s channels and commenting on their videos.

Our YouTube marketing campaigns include:

  • Initial set-up and optimisation of your channel.
  • Strategy and advice for ongoing video production.
  • Optimisation of uploaded videos.
  • Regular engagement with other YouTubers.
  • We can also work with YouTube’s paid features, if required.