Where and how to find the most talented writers

Aug 12, 2022 by
Where and how to find the most talented writers

Content is king. This is a mantra we’ve all heard ad nauseum for years now and it still holds (mostly) true. But while video and audio content are making an undeniable dent in the content creation market, good writers are always going to be needed to add context and clarity. At least until the day when AI finally gets smart enough to write a cohesive sentence, of course.

For many businesses, the content marketing team is quite literally one person doing everything from social media to content creation and everything in between. But investing in a solid writer can cultivate a more authentic and consistent voice that can and will lead to steadier growth.

But where do you go when you’re a brand, agency or small independent startup looking for a writer to define your tone of voice and bring your ideas to life in ways only the written word truly can? And why do we need great writers now more than ever?

Who needs good writers?

The more pertinent question would be who doesn’t need good writers? Quality written content can encourage somebody to purchase your product, establish authority within the industry or even make somebody laugh. If it’s strong enough, they might even decide to share it, effectively doing your job for you. So, no matter the size of your business, the written word should always be a consideration.

What to look for in a writer

A good copywriter will have the ability to sound like they know the subject intimately even if they were unaware of it a few days ago. They are infinitely adaptable and can write not only about any subject but in any tone or style. They are also adept at research, finding relevant sources and creating their own backlinks.

That means switching it up and being able to scribe a serious whitepaper one moment and a throwaway blog the next. Always look for raw talent over subject matter expertise. That being said, if they know a lot about your company and your industry it’s never a bad thing.

Where to find new writers

When shopping around for fresh writers, the most obvious place to look is people you trust. Word-of-mouth remains the most reliable and consistent means of discovering talent, particularly if the word in question comes from the mouth of somebody you trust implicitly. However, there are plenty of other avenues to explore.

Content marketing agencies that provide their own teams of skilled staff writers are always a valid option, as are websites such as LinkedIn and Creativepool which are both brimming with talent waiting to be discovered. But before you pull the trigger and contact that writer or that agency you have your eye on, you might want to consider taking a deep dive into their portfolio first.

How to evaluate a writer’s portfolio

It’s common practice when fishing for talent, for those in the market for it to ask to see evidence of a portfolio. This will tell you so much more than a CV, as it generally includes either their best work or their most relevant work and is a much better way of gauging whether they will be a good fit for your team.

Only you know exactly what you’re looking for, of course, but a good portfolio should tell a story of the writer’s career progression and show off exactly what they’re capable of. But don’t let the portfolio dazzle you either. It doesn’t matter how good their portfolio might be, they still need to be able to work to a deadline and work professionally to your standards.

But that’s for the interview stage, of course.