5 key marketing trends to focus on this Christmas

Dec 16, 2022 by
5 key marketing trends to focus on this Christmas

Christmas always seems to pop up sooner every year and now we’ve officially breached into December, if you haven’t already made steps to prepare your site for the festive season then you really should stop what you’re doing right now and get to it. Or just forget about it and try again next year? Either way, your Christmas digital marketing strategy is not something you can just repeat year-on-year. Because the internet and its consumers are always evolving. 

To that end, here are five trends we’ve noticed this year that you might want to take advantage of before it’s too late. Because before you know it Christmas 2023 will be upon us.

1. People are shopping locally

You might assume that Christmas SEO tweaking would be irrelevant for local listings but think again. Local search has seen a major surge in popularity in recent months and updating your local listings not only helps your business be more visible but helps with backlinks too. Also, while not every listing will have a backlink, it will still be directing users to your site and alerting Google to your existence. And if Google doesn’t know you exist, why should anyone else?

2. Consumers not as loyal as they were

The festive season is often a time for “fair weather” customers, but this year is going to see a fight even for those fickle folk thanks to the cost-of-living crisis. Whereas businesses could once feel relatively secure in these annual customers those same customers will now be looking to buy their Christmas wares from wherever can give them more for less. Take advantage of this by prioritising competitive pricing in your digital marketing campaigns.

3. Apps are on the rise

With so many people now doing their shopping from their smartphones it makes sense that more of them will also be doing so not from within browsers but from within bespoke apps. Customers who shop via the app are more likely to be loyal, so spend as much time as you can tweaking your app for Christmas and ensuring that it’s updated regularly with new deals and content.

4. Gifts are more personal

With so many people trying to pinch pennies this year it’s likely that big extravagant gifts will be passed over in favour of more personal gifts that actually mean something. To take advantage of this, simplify the research and discovery journey for your customers and ensure you have clean, actionable ‘gift idea’ sections that really jump out at shoppers. Also, work to make your site as fast and efficient as possible as people will really value their browsing time when trying to find the perfect present.

5. Everything is unpredictable

If the last few years have taught us anything it’s that the ground can shift beneath our feet in a second and leave us on our backs. The businesses that survive are the ones that are flexible enough to shift lanes in a heartbeat. So, diversify your site and don’t be afraid to jump on viral trends as and when they emerge.