Five excellent examples of live video marketing

May 18, 2018 by
Five excellent examples of live video marketing

80% of a brand’s audience would rather watch a live video stream than read a blog post. This should come as no surprise – video consumption is passive and requires less energy than reading. Also, video provides a more sensory rich experience than traditional text content.

Blogging is still an extremely effective way to communicate information and impart actionable advice, but with live streaming you can put your brand in front of an audience of people who are more visually stimulated. Unlike conventional video, live streaming provides a truly intimate experience and will help you to build a community around your brand.

As Kathy Klotz-Guest says:

What streaming video does best is allow brands to drop the corporate veil, connect human-to-human, and allow users to participate in brand storytelling in ways that enrich the customer experience.

Here are a selection of brands that are achieving great results with live video.

Dunkin’ Donuts

As fast food brands go, Dunkin’ Donuts is certainly one of the more renowned names out there. A few years ago, the brand posted a live stream video of their factory, showing how some of the food is produced as well as the people who put in the labour. Behind-the-scenes content such as this is excellent for building trust and conveying the human side of your brand. Even if you don’t have an incredible factory, a simple live stream of your office can help to humanise your brand.

Tough Mudder

If you’ve heard about the insane endurance courses run by Tough Mudder, you’re probably intrigued about what goes on – even if you have no intention of entering yourself! Well, now you can get a glimpse into what it would be like to enter with this live streamed training video. The coach takes viewers through the course and shows what it would be like to participate. This is an excellent marketing move by the brand.


It doesn’t take a genius to work out that viral content is not always the most intellectually sophisticated. Oftentimes, the sillier the content, the higher its chances are of going viral. In a truly ridiculous display, the team at Buzzfeed decided to put rubber bands on a watermelon to see how long the fruit would last before exploding. Over 800,000 people tuned in live to see what would happen during the bizarre 45 minute stream.

Utah desertNational Geographic

Unlike regular live videos, 360 degree live videos can add an extra layer of intimacy during a stream. Instead of merely looking at where the director wants you to look, you’re free to scroll the surrounding environment as the drama unfolds around you.

National Geographic streamed an enthralling live video in the Utah Desert, where a simulation of a Mars colony was taking place. Throughout the video, the host talks to numerous crew members in order to give viewers a real understanding of what life would be like on the faraway red planet. Although you’ll need to invest in some equipment and master the nuances of shooting in 360 degrees, this type of video can really help to engage your fans.


For a brand such as AirBnb where visual appeal is key to marketing, it should come as no surprise that live video is used frequently. AirBnb are also using 360 degree videos in order to immerse potential customers in their intended destination. Basically, they’re letting customers try before they buy! Check out this cool video that shows what an AirBnb experience would be like in London.

Delivering Value

As with most forms of marketing, the secret to live video is delivering value. You can amp up buying temperature for a new product, showcase an exotic locale or provide behind-the-scenes footage to humanise your brand. So long as you’re engaging your audience and giving them footage that they enjoy, live video can really help to propel your brand to new heights.