10 of the best WordPress SEO plugins

Aug 20, 2021 by
10 of the best WordPress SEO plugins

WordPress continues to be one of the web’s best and most flexible resources when it comes to content creation. It’s quick, simple and deceptively powerful, so much so that it powers approximately 64 million websites across the world.

One of the reasons WordPress has remained so popular is its extensive suite of plugins. But for us SEO folk, what plugins are going to bring in the clicks and conversions and send your site soaring to the top of the results page?

1. SEOPress – An incredibly affordable ‘all-in-one’ option available in 17 languages, SEOPress includes tools that allow you to handle everything from image SEO and XML/HTML sitemaps to deep content analysis and for one price you can use it on unlimited sites. There’s a free bare-bones version too if you want to test the waters before diving in.

2. Yoast SEO – There’s a reason why this has been one of the most popular WordPress plugins for years. The real star of the show here is the page analysis section which is an ideal way of ‘trial and erroring’ your SEO practices until it’s just right. That sea of green ticks when everything is in ship-shape is a truly glorious thing to behold.

3. Broken Link Checker – A pretty self-explanatory one this. Keeping on top of all of your links can be stressful and it’s a stress that only gets worse as you build more and more content. If your links are broken or your images are missing, this handy little tool will tell you. It’s a great one to keep running in the background as a ‘just-in-case’ plugin.

4. SEO Optimised Images – SEO optimised images are almost as important as your written content, so ignore them at your peril. There’s so much more you can do with them than just sticking them into a blog and hoping for the best and this plugin will tell you all you need to know and then some.

5. Rankie – As you might assume given the name, Rankie specialises in helping your site rank higher with minimal effort. You can track your target keywords, add new ones and lets you create even more in-depth reports than Google Analytics.

6. Ahrefs – A good SEO isn’t doesn’t just keep a keen eye on their own sites but on their competitors too. When it comes to competitor research, there are few tools as powerful as the Ahrefs WordPress plugin. It’s also great for helping you to better understand your backlink profile and reveal potential partnership and guest poster opportunities.

7. Redirection – If you’ve ever deleted an old page and then realised in hindsight that the page you just deleted was ranking really well, you’ll have loads of backlinks pointing to a page that’s no longer there. If you want to quickly and easily redirect these precious links then this plugin lets you do just that with no fuss.

8. SEO 2021 by Squirrly – There are many of us in SEO that are worried AI will taker over our jobs. However, all it’s doing (at least for now) is making our jobs easier by taking care of the more tedious parts of the process.

9. W3 Total Cache – Site speed might not be as important as some people think it is but that doesn’t mean it’s not important at all. Total Cache improves site speed through caching, minifying, and CDN integrations, making it easier to manage all the speed-boosting benefits in one place.

10. The All in One SEO Pack – Finally, if you want just one plugin to do pretty much everything, this is a great time and money saver for smaller businesses.