Google algorithm updates and what they mean for you

Jun 11, 2018 by
Google algorithm updates and what they mean for you

As we previously discussed, Google uses AI to better answer search queries which are updated rather frequently. But in March and April google announced on Twitter that a Broad Core Algorithm update was launched which has worried webmasters and SEO pros.

What is a Broad Core Update? It is a large update that happens a few times a year (as opposed to the many little ones that can happen twice or more everyday) that changes the core algorithm that looks at content and figures out how to match it best to search queries and rank the results. With the two Core updates that have been released, Google has essentially changed the way it looks at your content in such a way that some sites have gained traffic and some have lost it. Instead of trying to weed out “low quality” content it is now being fine tuned to do what it does best.

It seems whenever there is a major algorithm update people automatically assume it is weed out low quality content, especially if their own traffic goes down. Now before you throw yourself from the parapets, understand that there is no ‘fix’ for low rankings nor was there necessarily anything wrong with your strategies or sites in the first place. If you’re releasing great content and doing great marketing then you’re doing fine. But if you’re still concerned, lets go over some ways to get one over the algorithm.

It isn’t just enough to sound human or still to be focusing on keywords. The name of the game is Quality and User Goals. Essentially, in order to stay on top of these updates, we have to go back to marketing in its purest form. You want to focus on creating original, user relevant content, and not just the same stuff over and over again. Ask yourself if what is being created not only helps you, but is what your users are looking for to help them. Find comfort that there is only one #1 ranking spot when it comes to search engine ranking. You either have it, or you don’t; strive for it but remember that the relevancy of your content is your lifeblood.

Content that is relevant, varied, and helps your users goals is, well, your goal too. Ask yourself, who is a relevant user? When this person tunes into your page do I have what they’re seeking? Google’s prime directive is to help solve user questions by best matching their queries with your content, so imagine that you are trying to do just that.

With google confirming updates this may set a new precedent. Now that we know more about them, algorithm updates should be considered just another part of the job as we adapt to making SEO in the future.