SEO and Marketing News – Summer 2023

Nov 3, 2023 by
SEO and Marketing News – Summer 2023

The summer season is behind us and to say it’s been a pretty eventful one would be an understatement. As businesses and marketers alike adapt to new tools, techniques, and strategies involving AI, the season has been filled with groundbreaking news that will undoubtedly shape the industry’s future.

Here are the most prominent stories that made headlines over the past few months.

Google Launches Core Algorithm Update

Google has confirmed the rollout of its latest core algorithm update, dubbed the “October 2023 Core Update.” This marks the third core update to Google’s search ranking systems this year, following the March and August core updates. As with previous core updates, the changes are expected to take multiple weeks to complete and it’s normal to experience fluctuations in search rankings during this time.

LinkedIn Announces New AI Tools To Enhance Hiring & Learning

LinkedIn recently announced new AI-powered products aimed at transforming recruitment and employee training. The professional networking platform is responding to the evolving skill requirements in the workforce and the role HR departments play in managing this change. LinkedIn is launching pilot versions of its AI-enhanced recruiting tool Recruiter 2024 to aid HR teams and a new AI coaching feature for LinkedIn Learning.

Meta Introduces New AI Tools For Advertisers

Meta has begun rolling out new AI-powered advertising features. The tools, which include Background Generation, Image Expansion, and Text Variations, aim to boost creativity and productivity for advertisers on Meta’s platforms. As the ad industry faces rising creative fatigue, with pressure to generate new ads constantly, Meta said its generative AI capabilities will enable faster introduction of fresh creative at scale.

Microsoft To Roll Out Copilot AI Companion

Microsoft announced the rollout of its AI assistant, Copilot, across Windows 11, Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 this autumn. Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, described Copilot as an “everyday AI companion.” The objective behind Microsoft Copilot is ambitious yet straightforward: to embed an AI-powered “copilot” in Microsoft’s most popular products to ensure that the most people possible have access.

Google Unveils Tool to Detect AI-Generated Images

As artificial intelligence (AI) systems create increasingly realistic synthetic imagery, Google has developed a new tool called SynthID to help identify computer-generated photos and artworks. While initially available to select Google Cloud customers, this technology represents a step toward identifying AI-generated content. SynthID embeds imperceptible digital watermarks into AI-generated images, allowing them to be detected even after modifications like cropping or colour changes.

Meta’s AI Vision Revealed

At its annual Connect conference last month, Meta unveiled new AI innovations coming to its family of apps and devices. Meta is rolling out an AI-powered assistant with Microsoft Bing integration, new image editing capabilities, and AI-generated stickers for messaging. Meta’s AI assistant will provide real-time information using Microsoft Bing, with the ability to generate images from text prompts. Among the most buzz-worthy announcements is that some of the new AI chatbot characters will be voiced by celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady, and Kendall Jenner

Amazon Unveil AI-Generated Customer Review Summaries

In a significant development that heralds a new era in online shopping, Amazon began to roll out artificial intelligence (AI)-generated customer review summaries for its products this summer. These summaries aim to give shoppers a snapshot of a product’s best or worst features, allowing for an expedited decision-making process. While it has clear benefits for customers, it also raises serious concerns about the reliability of an AI-generated summary and its impact on seller reputation and conversion rates.