November – SEO and marketing news

Dec 15, 2017 by
November – SEO and marketing news

Starting today: we begin a new monthly segment recapping news from the month before. Bringing you the latest in SEO, marketing, and tech news to keep you up to date on happenings of the world.

Ad wars are killing Priceline and TripAdvisor

After Priceline and Tripadvisors stocks dropped by 20%, they’ve increased spending on ad campaigns to attract customers at the cost of future profits. Both companies have stated they will spend half of their revenue on ads and marketing, which comes at the risk of low returns.

The Marketing Group’s blockchain-backed agency Truth promises to be antidote to industry’s media woes

The Marketing Group (TMG) has created a new media company, built using Ethereum blockchain technology similar to cryptocurrency, which promises 100% transparency for marketers and customers. Exec Mary Keane-Dawson stated it uses “smart contracts” that “gives clients the comfort that their data is being protected and that their money is being spent in the way that it’s supposed to be spent.”

F.C.C. Plans Net Neutrality Repeal in a Victory for Telecoms

Over in America, its Federal Communications Commission are putting forth a plan to allow Internet Service Providers to charge extra for access to certain services and internet speeds. This has caused an outcry over free speech issues, preservation of an open internet, and how this plan will hurt small businesses and impoverished citizens.

Facebook clarifies ad rules for users following Russian propaganda and discrimination claims

After months of controversy concerning fake Russian accounts during the American 2016 election, racist practises of users using the ad system to exclude minorities, and companies using psychological profiling on teens for targeted marketing, Facebook have announced they are clarifying their ad rules by adding a transparency feature among others.

Google faces mass legal action in UK over data snooping

On the tail end of the month, Google is facing massive legal action in the UK for collecting the personal data of millions of users by bypassing user privacy settings. This will be the first large scale legal action of its kind in the UK. It is estimated that 5.4 million people were affected.