How to use SEO to drive newsletter subscriptions

Jun 10, 2022 by
How to use SEO to drive newsletter subscriptions

Your newsletter is still one of your most powerful tools when it comes to getting targeted information directly to your customers. These are the repeat customers and the ones that have made an effort to show an interest in your brand so you know at least a significant fraction of them are actively listening to you rather than idly swiping left.

But how do you grow your newsletter subscriber base organically? The answer is simple – you SEO it. Indeed, many of the same tactics used to improve search engine rankings can be used to attract more subscribers to your site.


The best way to build organic newsletter traffic is to choose your keywords carefully. You need to pick and choose the right topics to discuss at the right time and keep the newsletter informative and relevant. Of course, it should also be engaging and that’s where the content itself comes into play.

Ideally, a potential customer will engage with a piece of content and feel strongly enough about it that they want to sign up for your newsletter. Of course, what makes great content is subjective but most readers should be able to tell the difference between a writer with something to say and one that’s just fallen out of University and is content to waffle on about nothing for a few hundred words.

Older content should also be re-optimised as often as possible. That means going back over old posts and going deeper on certain topics, expanding on the areas that demand it. Adding audio and visuals to older pages is a great way to give them a second life. Even a few simple infographics can make a tired piece of content seem surprisingly fresh again.


Attracting clicks is, of course, just the first part of the process. The second, and arguably harder part, is converting one-time readers into regular subscribers. Conversion rate optimisation is about turning customers into followers and there are a few subtle and not-so-subtle ways you can help this happen.

Adding a simple pop-up form inviting people to join the newsletter to the front end of your site is a tactic many sites use. However, it’s one that has understandably received a lot of blowback in recent years as it’s perceived as a blatant tactic. If you do choose to go this route, you’ll want to experiment with your pop-up. For example, adjust the timing and the wording to see what results lead to better conversions.

Also, think about adding call-to-action (CTA) elements to your pages that directly lead to newsletter subscriptions. This way, even if they’ve automatically closed the pop-up form, they will have another chance to join the newsletter quickly and easily. These CTAs should be subtle but obvious, which is a difficult balancing act but will pay lucratively if you manage it.


The last part of the newsletter SEO journey is to keep your newsletter subscribers engaged once you’ve managed to hook them. Keep your newsletter stocked with original content that connects directly with the user. Diversify the content too, by featuring everything from downloadable PDFs to webinars and surveys.

Above all else, however, don’t forget to feature your very best content at the top of every newsletter and keep the headlines snappy and intriguing. Because, in newsletters as in all forms of media, headlines are what sell the story.