Like Instagram, Pinterest is unusual amongst social media channels in that it focuses on images rather than messaging and direct communication with other people. However, in common with all over channels, the real benefit of using lies in regular and frequent activity.

Our Pinterest campaigns include the following activities:

  • Optimising your channel
    This is a relatively simple process, but we make sure it’s done right!
  • Creating new boards
    We’ll work with you generate themed board ideas appropriate to your brand and business. New accounts generally need to start off with two or three boards (or more if appropriate), and more should be added over time.
  • Maintaining existing boards
    Once a board has been created, it’s important to keep them refresh and up to date. We can do this by adding your own images, or pinning appropriate photos from around the web.
  • Engaging with other people
    On Pinterest, this is done by commenting on people’s pins, liking and re-pinning them and following their boards and accounts. This is similar to Twitter, but the emphasis is very much on interaction with other people’s content rather than direct interaction. Re-pins also have the benefit of populating your own boards.

Pinterest is generally best considered as a branding and visibility platform, rather than something that will drive direct traffic to your site. It works best if you work in an inherently visual or inspirational field, such as interior design, travel, photography, illustration, etc., but can work for almost any brand if the ideas and inspiration are right! Please note that you don’t have to have to generate your own images to work with Pinterest, although it’s all the better if you do.

If you’re interested in how we can help you get the most out of Pinterest, please get in touch now!