Twitter is an important channel for any business, large or small. It’s not only a direct marketing channel in itself – it also has an impact on your site’s organic search performance, helps to establish your brand and spread the word about your business. It’s a great tool for social validation too. Potential customers will often check your company’s Twitter account to see how active it is and how many people are following you.

The most important criteria for us when running any form of marketing is “Does what we are doing add value beyond promoting the business?” This is important for you, the client, because campaigns run this way have much more longevity and tend to be future proof against changing technology and attitudes. This is especially important on Twitter and other social channels, given how visible they are.

With this in mind, when we’re running a campaign, our goals are to:

  • Keep the channel fresh, active and interesting.
  • Engage with other people on Twitter, so they’ll spread your message.
  • Increase the number of engaged followers on the account.

The specific activities will depend on the needs of your channel, but can include:

  • Initial set-up or review of existing set-up, including branding, images, etc.
  • Regular tweets and retweets – usually several per day, without saturating the feed or repeating ourselves.
  • Posting tweets about content from your site, such as new blog posts or products.
  • Engaging with other people – retweets, replies, favourites and follows.
  • Optimisation of shareable content, such as Twitter cards.
  • Paid Twitter advertising.