The importance of building a good FAQ page

Dec 4, 2020 by
The importance of building a good FAQ page

When it comes to ironing out your SEO strategy, it’s common to start with the home page and work outwards but one of the pages that often gets overlooked in this approach is the humble old FAQ page. But the FAQ page is one of the pages that search engines love and with just a little effort you could buff your page into shape and improve your ranking while also letting users know that you care about their needs.

With voice search becoming more popular and most voice searches being made in the guise of ‘frequently asked questions’ there is great scope for an FAQ page that can deliver reliable answers quickly and efficiently. Not only that, but it builds trust in your business and shows search engines that your site is focused on helping people get all the information they need to make an informed decision. But how can you make the most of your FAQ page and build it into the most focused and comprehensive resource it can possibly be?

Be relevant 

The first thing you should do is ensure you’re answering the right questions and that takes a lot of research and planning. The best immediate resource is your customer service employees who will undoubtedly have been bombed with questions daily. You should also go through all customer feedback you have access to and use online surveys to identify pain points for your audience. This way, you’ll also be able to gain lots of valuable data and insight.

Be structured

Add structured data to your page to make it appear more aesthetically appealing and gain more click-throughs. It’s incredibly easy to do too, especially now that Google has added support for FAQ structured data in search and Google Assistant. Structured data means you can show answers to questions directly on the search bar, which is an incredibly powerful trick that should certainly not be overlooked.

Be visual

A picture can be worth a thousand words they say and while that might not be technically true in the case of SEO, it can make your page more appealing and that will always lead to better results. Consider giving answers to questions via charts or step-by-step images. This breaks up the chunks of text that can prove off-putting to some people. And some search engines!

Be easy to use

You could have the best-written and most attractive FAQ page in the world but if users find it difficult to navigate it won’t make any difference. A good FAQ page is made up of clear categories and subcategories and includes its own search functionality if it’s particularly large. Structure can play a major role here too. Make sure the various categories are easy to navigate and are structured in a way that makes sense.

Be analytical

Start analysing your page ASAP and make a note of how long users stay on the page, where they go afterwards and what paths they’re taking. These are the kind of actionable insights that will allow you to make real changes that will have a definitive impact on the SEO value of your FAQ page.

FAQ pages can often feel like afterthoughts but hopefully, we’ve been able to convince you that should never be the case. There’s a lot of potential if you’re willing to make the most of it.