8 free SEO tools you really should be using

Sep 18, 2020 by
8 free SEO tools you really should be using

They say the best things in life are free but can the adage apply to SEO too? Of course not. We all know that sometimes you have to invest a little to gain a decent ROI on any digital marketing campaign. However, that doesn’t mean the tools you use necessarily need to dip into your pockets. It’s amazing how much easier SEO can be if you have a decent tool kit backing you up and some of the very best SEO tools on the market are completely free to use.

These are tools with a wide variety of uses that cover most common SEO needs and are easy-to-use, quick to master and 100% free-of-charge. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and sort out the 8 free SEO tools you should be using (besides Google Analytics).

Google PageSpeed Insights – While there are plenty of alternatives that allow you to test the speed and basic usability of your site, none are as fast and reliable as Google’s tool. It couldn’t be simpler – just type in your URL and this tool will instantly identify the loading time of your site on mobile and desktop devices and will even offer tips for improvement.

Copyscape – You will need to fork out for a premium account if you want to search for specific duplicate text, but even with a free account, Copyscape allows you to type in an URL and ascertain where else content within that page exists online. An invaluable tool if you’re looking to create unique and authoritative content.

LinkMiner – There can be few things in SEO as frustrating as dealing with broken links. LinkMiner makes things a little easier. It’s a Chrome extension that highlights all broken links in bold red, so you’ll know exactly which links to keep and which links to sever.

Browseo – If you’re looking to gain a more in-depth insight into how SEO actually functions then you couldn’t do much better than this. Browseo is a tool that essentially strips your site down to its basic elements and sees the site the way that a search engine crawler will see it. The ability to view your site with its guts on display can prove incredibly handy if you’re looking to learn the ins and outs of SEO coding.

SimilarWeb – Competitor research is one of the most sneaky and yet fundamental aspects of SEO and this tool is comfortably the most simple and straightforward when it comes to breaking down a competitor site’s traffic. Using bar graphs, it will inform you not only what channels the traffic came from but where it came from globally too.

Google Trends – Trends are always changing and always adapting and evolving so it behoves all businesses interest in generating an audience to keep on top of what’s trending right now. Google Trends is the most direct way of spotting what search terms are popular right now and you can even compare search terms to figure out relative popularity. Absolutely indispensable for keyword research.

Ahref’s Backlink Checker – Backlinks are another major part of any SEO campaign and the free version of the famous Backlink Checker is more than powerful enough for most needs. Use it to reveal the top backlinks to any URL and past competitor websites into it to find instant backlink ‘inspiration’.

SEO Web Page Analyser – Finally, if you want a baseline score that you can use to measure how well your site is performing before and after you SEO it to the gills, this is a comprehensive analysis tool that gives your site an SEO score out of 100. The best way of not only tracking your progress but almost turning it into a game. And who doesn’t love games?