How SEO gets easier with greater authority

Apr 10, 2020 by
How SEO gets easier with greater authority

“Authority” is a word that means hundreds of different things to thousands of different people but in the case of SEO, it means one thing – the respect afforded your page, the information on it and ultimately, your brand.

As the adage states, “A rising tide lifts all ships,” and this is very much the case with elevated site authority. As your domain authority increases, you’ll find your site achieving more organic clicks and your marketing efforts will seem like less of an uphill struggle. But before going any further, let’s sort cover a few basics.

What is domain authority?

Every web domain will have an authority level and whilst Google has never revealed how it works, logic dictates that it measures how authoritative the site is on a given subject.

The more authoritative the site, the easier it is for your site to rank using more competitive keywords. Simply put – the higher your authority, the more likely you are to rank higher.

A site’s authority is determined by the number and quality of the backlinks within it and the legitimacy of its information. To determine your domain authority, there are several free online resources you can use, such as Link Explorer. This will also tell you how many sites are linking to your own and the authority score of each of those sites.

Increasing authority is, ultimately, the goal of all SEO marketing and it’s certainly an art form that has evolved in the last decade. Backlinks remain the most valuable asset, of course, but as time has worn on and Google has got smarter, the quality of your content has become just as important. But we’re not here to tell you how to boost your authority, we’re here to tell you why it’s worth the effort!

Easy living

Ranking – More links equals better ranking. This is the fundamental principle of SEO. Good links  will allow you to attack more keywords and more competitive keywords, thereby making the SEO process not only easier but more successful.

Note, however, that in order to rank for a particularly competitive keyword, you’re going to need a pretty high authority score.

Crawling – The greater your link equity, the more of your pages Google will crawl. If you have just a handful of backlinks but hundreds of pages, Google will have no incentive to crawl and index those pages.

Speedy Indexing – Not only will greater authority lead to Google crawling more of your pages, but it will also make it crawl and index them faster.

The more links you have, the greater the variety too, and this means there is less chance of over-optimising in one area and Google always ranks sites faster if they can reveal greater variety.

Internal Power – Not only does greater authority mean you’re going to rank higher and faster but it also increases the value of your own links.

This is particularly useful as it means your own internal links become more powerful, which makes everything that much easier to rank. Indeed, where you have high enough authority, the best link building tactic is to link to yourself!

Bad Link Insulation – The higher your authority, the better insulated you are from bad links. Because if you have thousands of great, authoritative links then a handful of bad ones are barely going to touch the sides.

It’s a flywheel effect, in essence – as your start ranking and people start seeing more of you then you’re going to start developing more links and those links are going to keep the wheel turning.

Of course, you’ll also get a greater number of spam requests but generally speaking, SEO only gets easier as authority increases.