8 great enterprise SEO tips

Feb 4, 2022 by
8 great enterprise SEO tips

Sometimes, you have to get a little more specific with your tactics. When you’re a small or medium-sized business with so much ahead of you, tactics are always going to be more restrained and, well, tactical. But once you’ve scaled up to the extent you can start referring to your business as an “enterprise,” you really need to change things up if you want to stay on top.

For larger companies, conventional tactics might not always work. And with that in mind, here are some of the top tactics we’d recommend for larger enterprises and their SEO teams.

1. Segment your site

Larger businesses are bound to have larger and more varied sites. Break down and segment your site into smaller chunks so you know how to share the workload. This can mean breaking up the site into everything from products to location and then working through keyword research in each segment as you would in a smaller, non-enterprise website.

2. Measure up the competition

Enterprises typically face much stronger and more varied competition than smaller companies so it’s vital that you measure yourself up against your competitors. You can see what tactics are working for your rivals by using tools like Semrush but be sure to filter out all branded keywords when doing so. Also, if you filter keywords by search volume it should give you a decent indication of the terms general potential.

3. Look at page two

It can be tempting to go for the low hanging fruit every once in a while. But as an enterprise, it’s more realistic that you’ll actually rank for the general keywords (the kind found at the top of page two) because you’ll have been around for longer, have more authority and will probably have thousands of backlinks already.

4. Expand on what’s already there

Rather than just adding more and more pages to an already massive site, consider expanding on what’s already there. If there are pages on your site with lots of keywords but very little content then add more content and if there are pages with lots of content and very few keywords, do the opposite.

5. Don’t forget market research 

Enterprises will have a much larger and wider variety of customers than their smaller competitors. This audience is a valuable resource that you can use to gather as much insight as possible. These insights can then be used to focus and improve your SEO strategy.

6. Think international

An enterprise most likely has followers and customers across the globe and English is not the only language that’s used in search engine ranking. Consider optimising for keywords in other languages, particularly if you are running multiple sites in different languages.

7. Don’t forget the little guy

While you might be the big fish dipping your toes into a little pond, when it comes to local SEO there are bound to be smaller companies performing better than you. See what smaller companies are competing with you for the same keywords and analyse whether or not there’s any gap that can be plugged by your enterprise-level authority.

8. Don’t be scared of automation

The larger the enterprise, the more there will be to keep track of. While the work that requires genuine thought and insight should always be saved for human brains, there are dozens of menial tasks that can be solved by automation. So don’t be afraid of AI. Use it to your advantage and you could find yourself saving hundreds or even thousands of man-hours.