5 unusual lead generation sources

Jul 7, 2017 by
5 unusual lead generation sources

For B2B businesses, earning sales first requires securing leads. If you’re not taking lead generation seriously, you’re leaving money on the table.

As Kipp Bodnar, writing for Hubspot, states:

A successful lead generation engine is what keeps the funnel full of sales prospects while you sleep.

While content marketing is one of the most popular methods for generating leads, other strategies can prove fruitful too. Small additions to your sales blueprint can multiply the leads you generate for your business.

1 – Quora

Quora is an excellent tool for connecting with people who are passionate about your niche. Try joining the topic which most closely relates to your business and start answering questions. Once you’ve showcased your expertise, you can add your landing page or site to your Quora profile.

When people see that you clearly know what you’re talking about, they may explore your profile and click through to your site. Remember, you’re not responding only to the people in the Quora discussion – numerous others will be watching the thread without joining in.

2 – Email signatures

Every time someone engages with you via email, it’s possible to add them to your mailing list and market to them. However, you’ll receive better results if you offer something valuable to them instead. By including a link to a high quality lead magnet in your email signature, people will feel inclined to click through to it.

After all, you’re not forcing it upon them, you’re merely giving people the opportunity to download something that will improve their life or business. Once someone has read your free ebook, checklist or other resource and has a favourable impression of you, they’ll be much more receptive to your marketing efforts.

3 – Online quizzes

People love quizzes – especially online personality quizzes! People are always looking for ways to understand themselves better (and kill time at work), so offering an interesting quiz is a sure-fire way to bring people to your site. Remember to ask for contact information at the end of the quiz, so you can send them the answers as well as market to them in the future.

4 – Live chat

People might be browsing your site and then get distracted and leave without engaging – this is a common occurrence in the Information Age. By adding live chat to your site, you can create an immediate channel of communication with potential customers, offer value to them and capture their contact information before they leave.

In addition to capturing leads, live chat creates a pleasant experience for your users. 63% of customers said they were more likely to return to a site offering live chat compared to one that doesn’t.

5 – Free giveaways

FreeThere isn’t a person on Earth who doesn’t like free stuff! By doing free giveaways, you can acquire contact information in exchange for losing a small amount of inventory. If you know that the average person on your email list makes purchases in excess of the manufacturing and delivery costs of the free product, then doing free giveaways makes total sense from a long-term perspective.


B2B businesses that don’t engage in some form of lead generation will struggle to grow. By thinking outside the box and actually reaching out to potential customers, businesses can at the very least grow their mailing lists. It can take time and imagination, but the long-term results are always worth it.