How to launch an ebook effectively

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How to launch an ebook effectively

Last time we discussed ebooks, we looked at the various reasons behind publishing one, and how you can allow your ebook to have a real impact on your reach – in particular, by building up your brand and following before the date of publication.

Assuming you’ve produced a beautifully designed, eloquently written and informative work, and you have a loyal following whom you expect will purchase it, getting the launch right is the second-most important step to ensuring that it’s downloaded again and again.

Guest Posts

With the launch date fast approaching, it’s time to call in all favours and leverage your personal connections. As well as mentioning the ebook on your own blog, featuring guest posts on other bloggers’ sites is a great way to plug your new release. However, the post can’t be merely self-promoting – it must also offer value. Consider the target blogger’s demographic and tailor your content accordingly.

Featuring your new product is one great way to sell yourself without coming on too strong. For example, when Corbett Barr promoted Samurai Sales Videos as part of one of his blog posts, he also mentioned three other ways that users could harness the power of video for their businesses. In addition to guest posting, getting featured on industry podcasts and news sites is another way to gain exposure before the big launch.

Pre-launch discounts

One way to create a sense of fervour around your new product is to offer a discount for a limited period of time before the launch. This utilises the often-used but rarely discussed method of scarcity marketing, whereby a consumer is convinced that he or she will gain exponentially more value for their money if they act within a short window of time. One of the best places to advertise such discounts is through your mailing list.


cambridge-web-marketing-co-blog-content-image-ticketsNothing generates a buzz like a free giveaway! Darren Rowse, who we mentioned in the previous article, believes in the effectiveness of entering those who purchase the ebook into a prize draw. While the type of prize will depend on the type of business, good ideas could include:

  • free access to membership content on your site
  • previously released ebooks
  • a discount for products and services
  • a one-to-one skype consultation
  • or pretty much anything else you can think of

Ebook Promotion Sites

In addition to your own promotional endeavours, there are a number of specialist ebook promotion and review sites that will help to spread your message. Such sites are frequented by people looking for a bargain, so you will already have a receptive audience.

These sites often run showcases for specific ebooks, such as Ereader News Today’s Book of the Day section, which can generate some decent traffic for your ebook if you can get yourself featured. Adweek have kindly compiled a comprehensive list of ebook submission sites which you can view here.


Getting the pricing right will determine whether you make mediocre or superb earnings from your launch. Software designer and successful ebook writer, Nathan Barry, is an advocate of launching the ebook with multiple price points, and also suggests setting a reasonably high base rate. He states:

“The last thing you want is a potential customer comparing your valuable content to the average $9 ebook. Instead, getting the visitor to compare between versions of your own product makes them more likely to purchase.”

cambridge-web-marketing-co-blog-content-image-pricingMultiple price points also have the advantage that less people are being excluded. By marketing a product in the premium category, you would be losing out on the people who genuinely can’t afford to pay more – but by lowering the price so that it is accessible for all, you would be missing out on the additional value to be gained from the people who want to pay for a more comprehensive product (additional videos, extras, personal consultations with the author and so forth). Using a flexible pricing system captures the best of both worlds.

Rounding off

Launching an ebook is an excellent way to capitalise on the popularity of your brand. So long as you wait until there is sufficient interest in your brand; you approach promotion diligently; you provide excellent content; and have a smart pricing structure; releasing an ebook can be a highly lucrative endeavour. In addition to this, a great ebook will propel your brand’s reputation even further which will give you more opportunities to create and sell more ebooks in the future. Never fancied yourself as an author? Perhaps you do now!

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